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Slmndesign CKC by CosbyDaf
Slmndesign CKC
An old drawing of Solomon I forgot to upload. This was a slightly redesigned concept for his CKC appearance.
Jeremy sees Things by CosbyDaf
Jeremy sees Things
This is a description of a nightmare I had a few days ago, with art of the main monster.


   It started as a typical boring day of math class, for everyone involved. Mr. Campbell was writing things out on the whiteboard, while most of the kids were taking notes. one boy was in the back of the room napping away, with their heads propped on their arms. A girl was using her cell phone to text a friend of hers, hoping the teacher would be distracted for a few more minutes. Everyone was in their own little mental bubbles, paying little attention to the things around them.

This was also true for Jeremy. But Jeremy was having a very different experience from everyone else. Nobody else noticed, but his face was pale, and he was trembling uncontrollably, with his eyes transfixed to the television screen in the left corner of the room. To everyone else, there was nothing to see. The television wasn't even on. But Jeremy was able to see things nobody else could.

It hadn't started until very recently. A little over a week ago, Jeremy started having vivid and intense nightmares. There didn't seem to be any explanation for them, and Jeremy himself didn't say much about them. After all, they were only nightmares, and they would eventually fade in time. But they didn't fade.

And not only did the nightmares persist, but they somehow followed him into the waking hours. He began to see things out of his eyes, things that he knew couldn't have been there. But they were only in brief flashes. This worried him more, but he always preferred to keep his problems to himself, to just wait it out and see if the problem would resolve itself.

This Tuesday, however, would be different. It wasn't going to be a short flash this time. The day had been fairly normal, up until the point when Jeremy noticed the television turn itself on. It wasn't just visuals, he could hear the distinct hum of the screen coming on as well.

He was presented with the sound of roaring flames, and a blazing red sky, among a desolate, shrapnel ridden field. It looked as if a large bomb had gone off in the distance.
It was all too familiar. He had seen this place before, foggy and half-remembered from his nightmares. This time, he could see it all with crystal clarity.

He didn't want to see it. He tried to look away, but it wasn't just the television. Everything had changed. Small fires were scattered all over the classroom. Mr. Campbell appeared to have been melted, letting out high pitched shrieks while attempting to free his molten feet from the floor. The students were also burning, reddish black flesh slowly seeping down around them. Jeremy looked at a friend of his, and he could see his teeth though a burning hole in his face.

The sound of flames was suddenly interrupted by a loud scream from something running through the hallway, a  beast with a glossy black flea-like body, and human legs.

It couldn't be real. But reason was doing little to calm Jeremy in this nightmarish Hell he had suddenly found himself trapped in. He tried to close his eyes, but was unable to keep the visions out. He found himself drawn toward the television like a magnet.

Dirty, battered people with little or no clothing ran across the field, screaming. Most of them were children, being chased by something. After a few seconds, a pursuing monster came into view.

The Amber Creature.

It's body structure was much like a human. One head, two eyes, two arms to each side of it's body, and two long legs lifting it above the ground. But the similarities ended there.
The creature was grossly deformed, covered in lumps and hard, bone-like protrusions.
It's skin had a glossy amber color, similar to a cockroach, with a texture like the bark of a dead tree. It was also transparent, and blood could be seen coursing through it's veins. Atop it's elongated neck sat a hideous lump of a head, with only a vaguely discernable skull inside. It had no mouth, but a fused mass of bone shaped vaguely like a sharp blade that jutted downwards to the right. Deep within darkened sockets, were the only properly shaped parts of the creature - a pair of red-yellow eyes, with large irises.

The Amber creature had caught one of the children it was chasing, a boy who looked to be around 11 years old. It held the boy with one hand, while lifting the other towards him. It was then shown that each of the creature's long, spindly fingers, had a scissor-like pair of claws on the fingertip. It used these finger scissors to make small cuts on the boy's back. When this was done, it dropped the boy to the ground, and stood back.

It almost looked like the creature had a change of heart, and decided to let it's prey go. But it had accomplished it's goal. The boy, still on the ground, curled up and started to writhe in agony. The small cuts began to expand downward, forming a single large cut across his spine. Then, all of his skin and muscle began to peel forwards from there. The horrible sight lasted only moments, before the boy's body had entirely unfurled itself. And there, in the center of his remains, was not a mess of flesh and bone....but a single large egg, that was emanating red light from inside.

With the deed done, the Amber Creature turned to face the "screen". Or was he looking directly at Jeremy himself? Jeremy was too scared to move, even to look away. The creature continued to stare. And stare, and stare, and stare. Jeremy couldn't stand it much longer, the fear was consuming his mind. When he closed his eyes, he could still see the creature plainly, it made no difference. All he could do was to stare into those eyes, and wait.  

Mr. Campbell, finally having noticed Jeremy's alarming trance, walks over to him and shakes his shoulder. Being suddenly jerked back into reality, Jeremy lets out the most primal scream of terror that anyone in the room had ever heard, before falling out of his seat, going into a fetal position.

Some of the other students gasp and scream themselves. A few others laugh. Mr. Campbell, himself frightened, immediately rushes to the phone and calls the nurse. Jeremy loses consciousness before he is carried over to the nurse's office. He awakens only a few minutes later, to find that he has been strapped down to a mattress. He feels uncomfortable, but the fear has left his brain, leaving him feeling shaken, but close to normal. Everything looks as it should, nothing is burning. Still seeking reassurance, he takes a glimpses through the large window on the side of the room.

And there, standing about a yard away, is the Amber Creature.

Jeremy starts screaming again, but is firmly strapped down, going nowhere.

But the Amber Creature isn't just standing there this time.

It's walking towards the window.
About 10 day's late lol

Things have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but hopefully this will be another good year.


Bill Cosby
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

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oldnintendofaggot Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
A few questions regarding the Godzilla pastas:…
Does the Zharka have any good relation with Zenith, was he a former king, or was he just a random cameo to promote that pasta?…
Did you wish you had more time to describe some of the monsters? I'd really like to know what the Plague Doctor-esque creature did, like if he was a mini-boss of sorts.…
Even though you could only move your fingers and thumbs, how did you shout/scream/talk to RED during the fight? Just a small oversight?…
Exalton and Usol have similar designs, due to their faces, body shape, and wings. Are they in anyway related, or perhaps Exalton is a more powerful form of Usol's species, and migrated to Corona?…
Is Warlock part of a group of assholes? Maybe because Warlock is fought early on (And, to be honest, he looks kinda goofy.), Warlock isn't the Big Bad of the story?

Thanks, and have a great day.
CosbyDaf Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
1. Just a cameo.

2. I didn't describe them because I didn't have combat mechanics for them all, I was trying to get as many creepy monsters in there as I could.

3. I forgot to mention that lips, tongue, and eyes could move. But nothing else.

4. There is a reason for that.

5. The teleporting creature is named Ranigan, he is a minion of Warlock. Warlock is the Big Bad.
CosbyDaf Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd say you did perfect
darklifeowner Featured By Owner 2 days ago
thank you very much.
Linkzilla Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
You probably get this a lot lately, but I think you should do sprites of the animatronic characters from Five Nights at Freddy's.
CosbyDaf Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, I haven't heard that before. It might be fun though, I do like that series.
UltraZeroX7 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015
I have two questions to you:

1.) So I found out in the Godzilla Wiki that Anguirus and Rodan were MEANT to be playable characters in the ORIGINAL NES game, and their sprites were still in the game's data. Did this inspire you to put them in the respective NES Godzilla Creepypastas you made?

2.) Have you seen the NECA NES Godzilla Action Figure?
CosbyDaf Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
1. I didn't know about it until very recently, I was very surprised. But it's definitely cool.

2.Yeah. I'm planning to get it.
UltraZeroX7 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015
Awesome! BTW, I don't know if you're a big fan of Capcom Arcade Games but you should check this rendition...…
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